God: He is or He is not

I think I should start off this post by saying I do believe in the God of the Bible, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to be all as one. If you do not believe
in god, I intend to give you information to make your own educated decision. Most people do not believe in God simply because they want to live their life in a way that they please, and it isn’t in compliance with most of what Jesus, the human embodiment of god, teaches. We have to examine the history of the world along with the geological information before anyone can dub evolution from non living material as “scientific”, because by definition faith is believing without seeing. There is two answers to the big question. God exists or he doesn’t. So the answer becomes why wouldn’t YOU want to believe in God? To continue doing what you want, because humans are the pinnacle of present species advancement. At least, that’s what humanist believe, who have the majority of support through atheists in America. But you say you can have morals while maintaining the evolutionist belief, right? Can you scientifically explain how we have become able to have emotions like love, spite, lust, envy, and greed? Who makes the laws? You? Me? The government? If evolution is so widely accepted, then why don’t we act on our human nature and run around doing as we very well please like animals? Because evolution was purposefully crafted by global elitist to corrupt the perception of origins, but at heart the Christian world view still plays a major role in society today. If anyone wants to say that evolution is scientific, then I want a full explanation. See, its more than just the evolution of life that they’re claiming happened. They claim that everything was made of nothing (religious), that the stars evolved without elements to make them or without the elements being made at a stars core (another chicken and egg problem), and the list can go on and on. You will have as much chance of making a earth/sun tandem form from an explosion as you would if you tried to drop a bomb on a scrap yard and intend on getting a 747 Jetliner.


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